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    Haldor Topsøe arbejder på at udvikle batterimaterialer til genopladelige batterier, der kan anvendes i mange forskellige applikationer. For eksempel elbiler og boremaskiner. Når batterierne kasseres ef […]

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    Mini 7 color Rechargeable book lamp
    600mAh Li-ion Battery: Charging Time 1-2 Hours, Battery Duration 4-6 Hours
    Customize: Lamp Size, Light Colors, Li-ion Battery, Logo, Packing
    Product details
    Mini 7 color Rechargeable book lamp
    Factory AuditDBID : 390275 and Aud
    Product CertificatePSE Certified Valid from 2018-04-18 until 2049-12-31
    ProductBook…[Læs mere]

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    Product introduction
    Featuring the shinny glaze of the Coffee, this beautiful coffee mugs are perfect to start your day on a brighter note and also to add a pop of freshness to your space! This 350 ml ceramic mugs are microwave safe and dishwasher safe, would be great to add as decor on your desks too!

    Product information
    Product nameChinese…[Læs mere]

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    Our History
    Established on 2006, GuangZhou Unitech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, factory located in Yuyao, Zhe jiang province, which covers an area of 4000 square meters and more than 150 employees. We are specialized in design, production, sales of LED Torch light, Dry battery torch light, Aluminum torch light, LED emergency light, LED…[Læs mere]

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    DH series heatless desiccant adsorption dryer are adsorbed and analyzed by the PSA principle to obtain a stable pressure dew point and fully dry compressed air. It employs double towers with a short cycle of switch to produce the deeply dehumidified air.
    Working Principle And Process Flow
    A large amount of air discharged from the air compressor…[Læs mere]

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    鈻?Our History
    Guangzhou Lianguan Health Biotechnology Limited Company is established in 2002.
    Lianguan the Chinese word which means to keep consistent in our business and service for our customers.
    The founders Jeff & Coco believe that food should not only solve the hunger. We need to pay more attention on nutrition and quality of food. N…[Læs mere]

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    Shenzhen Langee Ultrasonic Electric Appliance Co., Ltd (sz-langee) is an innovation-based high-tech enterprise that commits itself to R&D, manufacturing and selling ultrasonic cleaner.
    Main products include desktop ultrasonic cleaner, desktop high frequency ultrasonic cleaner, desktop multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaner, digital household…[Læs mere]

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    Our History
    Company was founded in 1998 as a new high-tech enterprise with product development, design, production, sales and service.
    Our Factory
    Ishino is located in Tsuishan Lake New District, Kaiping, Guangdong of Greater Bay Area, with a total plant area of 32000 square metre.
    Our Product
    Series valves and high pressure sesnors for COMMON…[Læs mere]

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    鈥?Our Product
    鈥?Product Application
    We provide charging solution for public charging operator, special charging operator, automobile manufacturer, charging pile manufacturer.
    鈥?Production Equipment
    Production charging equipment product ability: 150,000 sets/Year
    Electronic manufacturing and production workshop covering more than 5000 square meter…[Læs mere]

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    Who We Are?
    We are a group with two factories and a trading company.
    Huizhou Zhanci Hardware Products Co., Ltd was established in Huizhou City in 2017 and is one of the young leading manufacturers specializing in the production of cold forming tools of screw, bolt, nut, cold forging dies, punches, knock out pins, second header punches,…[Læs mere]

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    Shenzhen Jingbang Hardware Electronic Co., Ltd. was established 10 years ago. The main products: 3D printer parts,CNC plates(such as :v slot linear rail,slot v wheel,Customized CNC plates ,Aluminum spacer etc )with standard fasteners (such as the screws, bolts, nuts, washers and so on), non-standard fasteners, CNC machining parts, stamping parts,…[Læs mere]

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  • Vores Rapport:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1anci-ogLW1B03v51sqt0asHgSOeNwk2azum_dSNCDGI/edit

    Hvad går vores projekt ud på?

    Vores projekt går ud på at finde en ny, billig og bæredygtig måde at lagre […]

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  • Bushreaktor – NH3 reaktor –

    Lavet af Karla, Lærke og Martin



    Identificere problemet 

    Forsøg og resultater

    Elektrolyseforsøg, resultater og konklusion

    Hvilk […]

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  • Link til alt vores arbejde med casen inkl. billeder:

    Link til slideshow:https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kZ4CjZ3p1CvZSRgRVArG0U3mlWcyYMErLzIu-qXKlKA/edit
    Link til rapport: 

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