Car Air Fresheners Become Important Part of Fragrance Market

The air fresheners market has started to bloom with brands introducing innovations in products and aggressively promoting their offerings through target-specific marketing campaigns. Aerosol Car Cleaner market is one of the prominent part in this market which have seen a fast paced consumer adaption. A Car Air Freshener comes in a small device which is used to eliminate bad odours from the car and make the environment pleasing for the driver as well as the passengers.

These mini-devices improve the overall quality of the car atmosphere enhancing the mood of the driver and making the driving experience enjoyable. These are widely available in various fragrances and forms in the market and are expected to take the market by storm over the coming years. Adaption of Car Air freshener have increased over the years with variety of products such as AC vent, Spray aerosol, Blocks, Gel and other hanging cardboard, paper etc. The major companies are shifting their focus to the home and commercial segments also to capture the immense market. This report provides you with historical and forecasted performance of the market and profiles of top players in the market.

The car air freshener market has been growing at much faster rate compare to any other segment in this market. Historically this segment has grown at a CAGR of above 13% from the overall in terms of value and is expected to continue the same trend in the near future. Such growths have allowed the overall market to grow without any hurdles. AC vents, car gel, liquid etc. are the type of air fresheners that were widely used in car and hold the dominant position. The market is seeing a transformation as the consumers are slowly and gradually moving towards the compact products like zipper blocks, cardboard, paper etc. type of air fresheners.

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