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    Quality material: high purity 65 manganese steel, tough and durable.
    Easy to use: no need to install external power supply, easy to use, easy to carry.
    New tools: the steel belt is a new tool to replace the traditional bamboo pieces. The steel belt has both flexibility and hardness.The steel strip has two ends, one end is a punch hardness up to 45 degrees, the middle has a movable handle and the other end is a round grip handle.
    Round grip force handle: when the steel belt is completely into the pipe, hold the handle and push and pull back to make the punch hit the plug more powerful.
    Steel punch: when in use, put it into the pipe for impact dredge.
    Storage rack: when the use is completed will dare to take dry, tray in storage rack, in order to prepare for the next use.
    Grip handle: it is used to clamp the steel belt when dredging to facilitate the steel belt to enter and exit the pipe.
    Steel plate size: 4cm wide, 2.5mm thick.The minimum length of starting shot is 10 meters, 5 meters to continue.
    Usage: 1. When using, put the steel belt on the ground and release all the steel belt.(note: do not use it, and release it by yourself.) use your left hand to gently pinch the handle, and then use your right hand to slowly squeeze the steel belt with the end of the punch into the pipe to dredge the water.
    2. When the steel belt plugs into the blockage (feel resistance), the left hand clenches the movable handle, the left hand at the same time before and after force, you can poke off the hard plug in the pipeline.
    3. After use, dry, oil the steel sheet to prevent rust and extend the service life. See rivets loose and riveting in time.China Drain Cleaning Hand Tools