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    Aquafeed Feed
    After years’of exploration and research, FAMSUN has developed unique pelleting, conditioning and maturation technology based on the physiological and eating habit of aquatic animals such as fish and shrimps.
    Our clients include CP Group, Tongwei Group, Haid Group, Yixing Group and Jiuding Group.
    Project Case
    Wuhan CP
    Wuhan CP 300,000 tons of professional aquatic feed turnkey project constructed by FAMSUN, formally put into productionon at July 10, 2015. The project is China’s largest professional aquatic feed mills invested by CP group, combined with the group’s 60 years of experience in feed production, in accordance with theVietnam SAOMAI
    The SAOMAI aquatic feed plant in Vietnam covers an area of 45,000 square meters, with two 215 extruder lines and two 265 extruder lines, with 36 fully supported soybean meal silos. It is the largest single fish feed processing plant in Vietnam and southeast Asia.
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