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    1.Woodworking Industry: stereo wave board processing, wooden door, various furniture product auxiliary processing.
    2.Advertising Industry: Advertising label, PVC plate, PCB board (drilling and engraving), Double color boards, logo production, acrylic cutting, plastic suction for making advertising dedication, word cutting, sign making, crystal word, LED display screen, kinds of doorplate, nameplate and so on.
    3.Mold Industry: Apply for carving various molds, wood pattern, Foam mould, and metal mold, etc.
    4.Musical instrument industry: instrument 3D surface engraving, shape cuttingstair cnc wood router machine cnc router/wood cutting machine router /cnc multi-head drilling machine
    5.Wooden crafts.stair cnc wood router machine cnc router/wood cutting machine router /cnc multi-head drilling machine
    6.Exhibition industry: showcase, etc.stair cnc wood router machine cnc router/wood cutting machine router /cnc multi-head drilling machine
    Machine technical:
    1 Vacuum Table is Bakelite.
    2 Steel Thickness is 8mm, speed is 24000rpm.
    3 Spindle is Italy HSD9KW
    4 Servo motor is Japan YASKAWA 850W
    5 Inverter is Delta from Taiwan 11kw
    6 Vacuum pump is Tongyou 5.5kw air cooling pump
    7 Control System is Taiwan Syntec
    8 Rotary Carousel is from Taiwan Zhenshang.
    9 Air compressor is 3.0kw,Dust collector is 5.5kw
    10 Tool Changer is with Cylinder.
    11 Guide Rail is Taiwan HIWIN锛?/p>
    12 Ball Screw is also from Taiwan
    13 2 speed reducers are from Taiwan
    14 Y axis is square Rail width is 30mm X.Z axis square rails are 30mm
    15 V-Model Collect Tools
    16 Working Area is 1300*2500*300mm
    17 Max Moving Speed is 60000mm/min
    18 Max Engraving Speed is 40000mm/min
    19 Reposition Accuracy is<0.05/300mm
    20 Training: We will send the professional engineer to go for installation and training.
    After-Sales Service
    * Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine.
    * Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
    * Use online contact methods such as skype whatsapp facebook to provide online services to customers.
    Packaging & Delivery
    1.Outside package:Standard marine export plywood case.
    2.Inner package:Stretch film and plastic film for humidity. We can package according to your requests for cnc machine wood.
    3.Port Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai
    4.Lead time:15-20days
    Machine picture:
    1. What should I do when I have quality problems after receiving the goods?
    We can provide a one-year shelf life, any quality problems within the years, we can help you solve, please contact us in time.
    2. Is your factory good after-sales service, is the engineer's English level good?
    We can provide you with a full range of services, including installing the machine to use the machine, and how to solve the problem in the machine to ensure that you can use it normally. Our engineers have been engaged in the foreign trade industry for many years and are very familiar with CNC machine tools. He can speak fluent English.
    3. How long is the delivery time?
    The normal machine can be shipped in about five days. For a custom machine, it will take about ten days. We will arrange the delivery as soon as possible by order.
    4. Will the documents after delivery be sent together?
    We can ship the packing slip, commercial invoice, bill of lading and all the certificates you require.ATC CNC Router manufacturers