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    Company Profile
    Hebei Jinan Standard Component Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise integrated with high-strength fastener R&D, production and marketing since it was established in 1993.
    There are more than 200 employees and 95% professional college-graduated above are rich experience in production control. With the state of the art production facilities and most advanced manufacturing technique and inspection and test instruments, our products quality are guaranteed to be high-level and stable.
    Our products are including cheese head welding studs, hexagon bolts, high-strength fasteners and components, high strength large hexagon head bolts for steel structure, sets of torsional shear type high strength bolts, nut, and plain washer for steel structure.
    The products are widely used at kinds of industry manufacturing, machining manufacturing, civil engineering, transportation infrastructure construction, etc.
    Our factory are qualified with ISO9001-2008 quality system and CE certification from EU safety system.
    The 60% products output are exported to Americas, Europe, South East and Middle East of Asia of the Belt and Road areas. Domestic priority projects we served are such as Erqi Yangtze River bridge, The Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway, Zhengzhou Green Land Plaza, Guiyang Rail transit, etc.
    The sales will fully understand the requirement from customers for the quality and characters of products and proposal recommended and revised by our professional technicians to meet the needs. Our staff will keep to follow to make sure the products are applied correctly and provide after-sales guarantee service.
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