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    Steam Form Finisher
    Controlled by advanced PLC, our steam form finisher is easy to operate. And it can also contolled by pedal. ParticuIarly designed computer process(patented). Even with thick and complex clothing, you still can get good effect.
    Designed with wind pressure,shoulder width, waist, hipline, lap and fly height adjuster. It is able to press small size garment like woman clothes.
    The wooden sleeve are customized. The ironing quality can be compared with professinal body finisher. It will not distort even after long-time using.
    Professinal design of steam circuit, which assures the quality of steam spray.
    Main data of the steam form finisher
    Steam pressureSteam ConsumptionCompressed air pressureSizeWeightEquipment
    0.4~0.5Mpa20kg/h0.4~0.5Mpa1300*500*170070kgSteam boller
    Air CompressorForm Finisher