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    Company Profile
    Tongling Weight mineral products Sales company is located in Tongling CityShun Town, close to south of Yangtze River about 5 km. It is belong to Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone and very convenient to our company by highway, railway, waterway and air. Besides of export raw materials (Pyrite iron ore), we use our local rich resources to make deep processing business and develop mineral products to enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises. We have been built Pyrite powder processing plant and manganese oxide plant ,all equipments imported by from German which it is mainly engaged in high quality pyrite , iron sulfide production, processing and powder production. The existing management personnel have full of high professional level, and employees have strong professional skills. Our products are sold throughout the country and export to Japan,Korea and parts of Europe.
    We are seek to high grade quality materials to satisfy our customer request, welcome to visit our company and hope to build long-term cooperation.
    Product Category
    ◆ Ferrous sulfide is used in steel mill
    Sizes: 3-15MM,10-30MM,10-50MM
    ◆ Ferrous sulfide is exclusive used in casting industry
    Sizes: 1-3MM,3-10MM,5-30MM,10-50MM
    ◆ Ferrous sulfide is exclusive used in abrasive industry
    Sizes: 24(mesh),30(mesh),36(mesh),
    ◆ Iron sulfide is used in smelting industry
    Sizes: 60(mesh),100(mesh)
    ◆ The weight mineral industry use pyrite
    ◆ Other industries use pyrites
    Casting of sulphur (iron sulfide) description
    A certain amount of sulfur in gray cast iron can improve the cutting performance.
    Improved inoculation effect and graphite form, as sulfur can make the length of graphite shorter, the end becomes blunt, the form changes, so the sulfur is added to improve the mechanical properties of gray cast iron and sulfur in gray cast iron.
    In the range of 0.08%-0.12%, it is advantageous. When the sulfur content is less than 0.05%, it must be resulfurization.
    Our company produces special ferro sulphur use in gray cast iron.
    It is convenient and safe, produces little impurities and has high absorptivity(more than 95%). When the electric furnace production, to add a small amount of iron, later to put into some ferro sulphur and cover iron again to smelting. For nodular cast iron, the original molten iron sulfur too low (< 0.008%) is unfavorable. The normal range 0.010% 0.014% will better. Even if, for electric furnace smelting, sulfur in this range also need to added.
    We can supply various size of ferro sulphur to service our customers.
    The abrasive industry (iron sulfide) description
    • The iron sulfide has good stability in high temperature, because of its above reaction makes it an important filler of the high-end grinding wheel.
    • The key element of chemical reaction is its purity.
    • A large amount of impurities may be harmful to grinding.
    • It increases the abrasion of the grinding wheel and reduces the working life.
    • Sulfur, sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide reacts with the surface of the work piece to form FexSy:
    • (I) forming a protective layer;
    • (II) as a lubricant;
    • Oxygen absorption occurs between 400 and 475 degrees and decreases work pieces damaged, thereby delaying grinding wheel working life in high temperature.
    • (I) 4 FeS2 + 11 O2 →2 Fe2O3 + 8 SO2
    • (II) 4 FeS + 7 O2 → 4 Fe2O3 + 4 SO2
    • 1. 400-475 degrees is a very easy up to the limited for grinding wheel work. The above reaction creates an anaerobic and anoxic environment, thus improving the high temperature performance of the grinding wheel.
    • 2. The absorption heat of 650 degrees is decomposed reaction to reduce the working temperature of the grinding wheel.
    • FeS2 → FeS + S
    • Enter the melting state at about 1100 degrees to become a good lubricant to protect the grinding wheel.
    • FeS (s) → FeS(l)
    Our Product
    Pyrite, pyrte iron, iron pyrite, ferrous sulphate, weight balance ore.
    Product Application
    Steelmaking, abrasive, glass, lead acid battery recycling, lead melting, tin melting, weight balance industry area.
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    Crush machine, wash machine, dry machine, screenning machine.Pyrite suppliers