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    WENZHOU SUNTHAI VALVE CO., LTD has been in the sanitary stainless steel business for over 10 years.We were originally a trader of stainless steel products for food processing,beverage,diary,wine,brewery,chemical,pharmaceutic industries.To serve our clients better with high quality products, efficient delivery and customization.Two years ago.Our first factory was founded.Mainly producing sanitary valves,stainless steel fittings,tank components.etc.
    As some of these products can be widely used in the extractor business.Besides,we have experienced engineers,skilled craftsmen to develop new products.We expanded our product ranges to closed loop extractors,solvent tanks,extraction vessels.customized extraction parts.supercritical co2 extractor and so many other customized stainless steel products.SUNTHAI can be your one stop shopping of sanitary stainless steel products.3pc Sanitary Ball Valve factory